About Us

I’m often asked about my kitchen, style and where do I buy my products and kitchen/baking accessories. More often I’m asked about the where to get and buy the same products I use. 

Passionforbaking Online Shop is a response to all my readers who have asked these and similar questions many times.

In this web shop, I will try to add most of my favorite products and through collaboration with different vendors and suppliers from all over the world, where the drop shipping is possible, offer my readers good quality products with affordable prices. Through this collaboration, I will make sure that our customers get the best prices and quality products.   

Vi are working ahead to add new products all the time, but note the following:

  • Some of products are only available in certain countries. 
  • If you order from Russia, then you must order through a company address, as it is not possible to deliver to private entities in Russia.